Plenary Speech

Li-Chyong Chen (Academician)    Abstract


Lie-Szu Juang (Senior Director, Design and Technology Platform, TSMC)    Abstract


Sophia Cheng (Chief, Investment Officer, Cathay Financial Holdings)    Abstract

Keynote speech

Stine W. Adrian (Associate Professor, Techno-Anthropology at Aalborg University)    Abstract


Peter Gluckman (President of the International Science Council)    Abstract

Invited Talks

Eva Leihener-Stefan (CEO, L’Oréal Taiwan)    Abstract


Jin-Hee Yoon (Chair, Women Committee of Korean Physical Society)    Abstract


Trista Chen (Director of the AI Research Center, Microsoft)    Abstract


Milan Chang (Director, Talent Acquisition, Micron Taiwan)    Abstract


Mei-Yin Chou (Academician / Vice President, Academia Sinica)    Abstract


France Wang (Senior Director, Test Engineering, Google)    Abstract


Huey-Jen Su (President, National Cheng Kung University)    Abstract


Maki Kawai (President of National Institutes of Natural Sciences NINS, and a member of the “United Nations 10-Member Group”)    Abstract


Byung-Seon Jeong (President of Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning KISTEP, and former Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science and
ICT MSIT)    Abstract


Yoshiko Shirokizawa (Auditor of Japan Science and Technology Agency JST, and former Vice-President of Japan Science and Technology Agency JST)    Abstract


Minn-Tsong Lin (Deputy Minister, National Science and Technology Council NSTC, Taiwan)    Abstract

Sharing Young Female Scholars’ Experiences

Dr.Tsao-Chi Chuang    Abstract


Ms. Yu-chien Huang    Abstract


Ms. Van Thi Dieu Hien    Abstract


Ms. K R Namitha    Abstract

100th IUPAP: 2022 International Joint Symposium of Women in Science and Technology

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