Asia-Pacific Condensed Matter Physics Conference 2022 (2022/11/21-23)

by Yang-Kuang Chao
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It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend Asia-Pacific Condensed Matter Physics Conference 2022(AC2MP2022) which will be conroganized by by the Division of Condensed Matter Physics(DCMP) and Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University. The DCMP is aiming at systematic and continuous exchanges to further develop condensed matter physics in the Asia-Pacific region. Condensed matter physics is one of the major parts of physics that covers a wide range of disciplines. It is constantly developing with strong interactions with various scientific areas and contributes to the expansion of human knowledge and the developments of society. The Institute for Materials Research is one of the international centers of materials science and condensed matter physics and is operating the international collaboration program called GIMRT:Global Institute for Materials Research Tohoku. AC2MP2022 is the international conference to summarize the current status and future prospects in condensed matter physics and in related communities. It also includes the second annual meeting of the DCMP where the summary of the activities will be reported for the expansion of the international collaborations. The format of the conference will be hybrid and in-person attendance to the venue at Senai, Japan is strongly encouraged. Online participation is also possible by considering the difficulties for oversea travels.

Specialty of Conference

  1.  1st In-person regional conference on condensed matter physics
  2.  Focus sessions on three main topics
    – Applications of Extreme Conditions for Condensed Matter Physics
    – Quantum Beam Applications in Condensed Matter Physics
    – Topology-Related Phenomena in Matters
  1.  Invited talks by the leading scientists
  2.  Opportunities for talks of young researchers and financial support for speakers
  3.  Combination of short oral talks and in-person poster sessions
  4. Free participation fee for DCMP members and GIMRT Users(for lunch and mixer of in-person participants, we request actual cost, separately)


November 21-23, 2022


Tohoku University, Japan

Abstract Submission Deadline

 July 15, 2022

AC2MP2022 Website


Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University
The division of condensed matter physics in AAPPS


Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University