【TSU】Invitation to TSU Mini-Moon-Seminars No.7 on 3/25 (2021/3/25)

by Yang-Kuang Chao
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We are pleased to invite you to the TSU Mini-Moon-Seminars No.7, which will be held on 3/25. Further details are shown below:
Topic: TSU Mini-Moon-Seminars No.7
Time: Mar. 25, 09:00 am Taipei Time (UTC+8)
09:00 am Prof. Joshua Colwell (University of Central Florida, USA)
10:00 am Dr. Andrew Poppe (UC Berkeley, USA)
11:00 am Dr. Matija Cuk (Seti Institute, USA)
14:00 pm Prof. Paolo Sossi (ETH, Switzerland)
15:00 pm Prof. Greg Michael (Free University of Berlin, Germany)
16:00 pm Dr. Martin Wieser (IRF-Kiruna, Sweden)
To join the meeting, please register in the following link:
Please note that the time schedule is given in local time in Taiwan.
If you have any questions, please just let us know.
Looking forward to seeing you on air.

臺灣太空科學聯盟 TSU (Taiwan Space Union)
中央大學天文所 黃馨潔助理 Erica Huang